Closing the Gender Gap in Tech Companies

Diversity is very important in tech companies, it enables companies to create better and inclusive products.

Diversity is very important in tech companies, it enables companies to create better and inclusive products that take everyone into consideration, not just one section of society.

In 2020 report from McKinsey found that diverse companies perform better, hire better talent, have more engaged employees, and retain workers better than companies that do not focus on diversity and inclusion. Despite this, women remain widely underrepresented in IT roles.

In the US, with 25% of women working in tech, Asian women make up just 5%, while Black and Hispanic women accounted for 3% and 1%, respectively. All this despite the fact that the growth of STEM jobs has outpaced the growth of overall employment in the country, growing 79% since 1990 while overall employment has grown 34%, according to data from Pew Research Center. Despite national conversations about the lack of diversity in tech, women are disproportionally missing out on this boom. This further exacerbates gender pay gap.

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This situation is worse in Pakistan, where despite increases in recent years, female labor force participation in Pakistan, at 25%, is well below rates for countries with similar income levels. Even among women with high levels of education, labor force participation lags: only around 25% of women with a university degree in Pakistan are working.

As a female founded and led company, we've made it a priority to not only hire female talent but also provide them with learning and growth opportunities that match Western European and North American standards.

Below are the percentage of females in our different departments:

Pie chart showing female representation at Turing Tech
Pie chart showing female representation at Turing Tech
  • 66% of Founding Team
  • 33% in Engineering
  • 75% in Design, Content and Project Management
  • 100% in Operations, Recruiting & Management

Benefits for our female employees include:

  1. Working mothers getting the option to work remotely anywhere from Pakistan or the world.
  2. All female employees are given the option to work remotely or on hybrid model.
  3. 8 weeks of fully paid maternity leave. [1]
  4. 4 weeks of fully paid marriage leave [1]
  5. Daycare allowance up to Rs. 15,000 per month for working mothers.

We'll further revise our policies to make our workspace more attractive to women from different socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds.

If you’re reading this, and you don’t work at TuringTech, we invite you to come join us. We work with some of the best startups solving complex and challenging engineering problems. Our engineers get a chance to interact and seek advice from engineering leaders from the topmost companies around the world.

Women at Turing tech participating in a celebration
My children accompanied me to our office's inauguration. Yahya is probably not very interested 😀

[1] One paid maternity leave (8 weeks) for every 18 months. Full base salary will be paid during the 8 weeks.

This page was last updated on April 22nd, 2022.

Mahwish Amanat

Chief of Staff