Why Work @ TuringTech

Online mentorship session of Turing technologies team with GitHub CEO

The best mentorship network available for engineers!

We work with some of the best startups solving complex and challenging engineering problems. Our engineers get a chance to interact and seek advice from engineering leaders from the topmost companies around the world. Some of our sessions included:

Approaching AI based problems with Peter Norvig - Director of AI @ Google
How to contribute to open source projects and becoming an engineering manager - Tom Preston-Werner - CoFounder & CEO of GitHub
Twice a month sessions with Engineering Leaders from DoorDash, Facebook, Amazon, GitHub, Google etc.
Google startup Kit gift pack for Turing Tech

Let's get operational.....

We use some of the most well-established tools to run day-to-day product management.

Notion: For product specs, and overall team documentation
ClickUp: for roadmap planning and day-to-day project management
MixPanel & Full Story: for product analytics
Figma: for product design and customer flows
Miro: for user-flows, customer journey mapping and white boarding
HotJar: Heat maps, and user analytics
HubSpot: for lead generation forms, scheduled alerts and workflows.

Fully funded wellness and team retreats

TuringTech cares about your well being and wellness, we frequently fund wellness trips (including your family) and mental health sessions.

Outdoor Team Lunch moments
Google startup Kit gift pack for Turing Tech

Access the best resources and tools as a marketer

We work with some of the best startups solving complex and challenging engineering problems. Our partners are funded by some of the most renowned names in the tech sector inlcuding Google, Techstars, 500 Startups, and Y Combinator.

Work with the latest technologies
Work with the best product teams to solve complex problems
Independence to try new things & even choose your tech stack

Work with the best design team PERIOD

We work with the best designers in Pakistan and around the world to create design systems, component libraries and themes. Love to work on design systems, we're the best; period!

Component design image designed for a client

Work on the latest technologies!

We are always experimenting in optimizing our tech stack and encourage our team members to look for more efficient tools to improve our product lifecycle. Our team members have attended or spoken about using new technologies at:

Our Headquarters in Islamabad Pakistan

Turing Tech project management Team Meeting at Islamabad office
Focus Room
Breakout Room
Team retreats and hangouts
Turing Technologies Islamabad office

Got what it takes?