My Journey to No-Code Development

Hafsa Murtaza shares her 3.5 journey from Software Engineer to UI/UX to No-Code Development

1. Tell us about your educational and technical background?

I did pre-engineering back in 2014 from Fauji Foundation. Then got my bachelor's in Software Engineering from MCS NUST in 2018. From the very start of my engineering journey, I was never inclined towards coding. I was more of an arts and crafts person. While at university I used to take part in the student societies and lead the design and decor teams for various events.

2. How did you start a career in the software field?

It was during my FYP (final year project) that I decided to pursue this field. My FYP was about Physiotherapy @ Home, it was an all-girls project and I am very much proud of it.
So our project got divided into three domains: 

  1. Code development
  2. UI screens for the app
  3. Overall documentation of the project. 

As I was always into design, I took over the responsibility of designing the screens for our application. We did extensive research work on it, gathered data from the Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centers. Demonstrated it in front of doctors. Finally, our all-girls group project won the gold medal for its designed bio-engineering project. After graduation, I learned graphic design tools and did some freelance work for my friends. In November 2018, I got an offer as a graphic design intern at a software house.

3. When did you decide to become a part of Turing Technologies?

While I was working as a graphic designer intern, Asad approached me with a similar job offer: a graphic designing job. I had already perceived the ambition and originality in Asad so I decided to join him on his new venture. What he initially offered was almost as same what I was earning.  But I knew the exposure and growth I will get by working with him will help my career more than anything. So I took a chance and accepted his offer. I have worked with Asad for about 3 years now while Turing Tech is just 2 years old.

4. As a part of Turing Tech, what skills did you learn here? 

At Turing Technologies, my role somewhat shifted from graphic designing to UI/UX designing, prototyping and what-not. I designed logos, color pallets, style guidelines, and then finally I started to work on UI/UX screens for our products. Asad wanted me to start working on website development. As mentioned earlier, I was never into coding. Asad always has a solution for every problem that exists so he recommended me a great website developing platform: Webflow. It is a no-code website development platform. We also always talked about reducing the design and development gap. So, It felt great to have that control of everything, implement changes so easily and roll out pages so quickly!

5. What has been your role in Turing Tech?

I currently run the no-code development team, which mainly comprises two roles: 

  1. Webflow website development 
  2. UI/UX designing

Other than that I am also managing the social media marketing campaigns for one of our clients. I also handle the weekly interactions with product clients of Turing Tech.

6. Tell us about your Team development goals in Turing Tech? What kind of team are you building in terms of skills and expertise. 

The main strategy of my no-code development team is to Think globally, design locally. We plan our designs according to international standards and then implement them here at Turing Tech. I want my team members to learn and achieve in terms of personal and technical growth. I want more growth in terms of skills as compared to the time spend on it. As I have gained so much in the past 3 years, I want the same for my team.

7. What are your planned milestones with Turing Tech?

I have following milestones lined up for Turing Tech and myself:

  1. To get myself listed as a Webflow Expert
  2. To make Turing Tech a registered Webflow Agency
  3. To become one of the key services providers of Pakistan in the following three domains:
  • Marketing
  • UI/UX Design
  • Webflow development 
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